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Please email for prices of other current models not shown

Takes about 2 days to bring in, after payment.


We sell all current Yonex models in all grip sizes and weights. To check out it out, please link to Yonex.com for the correct combination, then email us for in-stock availability.

If we do not have the combination you want, we can put in the order and the delivery time is about 2-3 business days.


Pre-order requires a deposit.

Every racquet comes with its own cover(bag) and a 6 month warranty with Yonex Canada.

(Prices quoted are in Canadian currencies)

racquet stringing & sales


Nanoray Glan-Z                              $330.00                                               $269.00                    

Nanoray Z-Speed                            $290.00                                               $239.00        

ArcSabre 7                                      $250.00                                              $195.00                      3UG4

Volric Z-Force 2                               $305.00                                              $249.00                       

Voltric Lin Dan Force(Rio)                 $315.00                                              $249.00                      3UG4

Voltric Lin Dan Force(Rio)            $315.00 custom strung BG80 @26+/28+#s$269.00                      3UG4


Voltric 3 Lin Dan                             $115.00 factory strung                          $95.00                        4UG4                    


Voltric 3 Lin Dan                   Custom strung with BG80  @ 24/26#s              $120.00                      4UG4  

Duora10(NEW)               $315.00                                                               $250.00

 Duiora Z-Strike (NEW)         msrp $340.00       3UG4                                    $279.00                      3UG4   

 Duiora Z-Strike msrp $340.00  custom strung BG80 @ 26/28 #s                     $299.00                     3UG4


 Duiora Z-Strike (NEW)         msrp $340.00       3UG4 and 3UG5           $279.00                        



                                                              WITH ANY NEW FRAME ONLY PURCHASE.

                                                                STRING UPGRADE OPTION AVAILABLE.  

                                                        Upgrade to BG80 for $20.00CAD

                                              Upgrade to NBG99 or NBG98 for $20.00CAD

Some racquets have been prestrung at the shop at various tensions and strings, otherwise just frames waiting to be strung at your favourite tensions. Racquets can be restrung to your favourite tension and string, during purchase if required.


Please check out the clearance section for great deals.


2013 Yonex badminton online digital catalogue;


Racquet model(frame only)  Yonex suggested price  Busted Racquet's price  In stock

Free stringing with BG65 

with every new frame purchase. 

Optional string upgrade to: 

BG80 at $20.00

NBG98 @ $20.00

NBG99 @ $20.00

Factory strung racquets are excluded from this offer.

Badminton racket specifications:
The weight is denoted by "U"; the smaller the number, the heavier the weight.
The grip size is denoted by "G"; the smaller the number, the larger the handle size.


Most Yonex badminton racquets distributed in Canada are 3U, and grip sizes are available in G3, G4 and G5.

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